Just returned from an amazing (and art-filled) trip a la Ciudad de Mexico. The Feria Mexico Arte Contempo Raneo (FEMACO), a five-year-old international sculpture/painting/digital show, was a major highlight; its opening night event shed a lot of light on who watches the art market (wealthy whites, primarily silver-haired 60-somethings and blondes with killer calves) and the relatively low number of Mexican artists who got to show their wares among the abundance of Greenwich Village galleries.

Still, the work was fun to see, especially the large scale neon “Spectacular” and “You” pieces. Artkrush, Flavorpill’s design counterpart, ran a great piece on contemporary Mexican art this week that’s worth a read. While Bellas Artes, one of the major mural museums, was a bit disappointing, the Museo de Arte Moderno was the best use of a single hour during the trip. Its size was easily manageable, its design simple and inviting, and its permanent collection (including José Clemente Orozco’s arresting work) worth writing home about.

Special thanks to Ms. Bethany Davis for her generosity and fellow art criticism.


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