Neighborhood Public Radio

Former Bay Area inventor and artist Jon Brumit has generated attention plenty of attention for his work in organizing the annual Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race. Lombard Street, widely considered to be the city’s curviest, was formerly home to the helmet-and-costume drawing race until it switched to Vermont Street in Potrero Hill last Sunday. I’m sorry I was away for the festivities but enjoyed video from moniker monet1006 on everyone’s go-to video search engine:
It’s hard to imagine upstaging your own work in planning a non-traditional city-wide event that draws hoards of traditional media attention, but Brumit’s collaboration with Neighborhood Public Radio is threatening to. The independent station works to provide “an alternative media platform for artists, activists, musicians, and community members.” Its’ Alternate Soundtracks City Tours provide artist-led audio tours of the Mission that are worth a listen. The effort also recently got a nod from their namesake when National Public Radio discussed the project in their coverage of the Whitney Biennial.


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