Five Years

Haven’t been looking forward to admitting that we’ve been in Iraq for five years but was pleased to see protesters out en masse this morning, especially at the intersection of Powell and Bush. While that might elicit some groans, the Chronicle has reported on other ways San Franciscans have voiced dissent, including everything from gatherings at the Unitarian Universalist Church to chaining themselves to the Federal Reserve Building. Not that it’s had much effect on the White House, unfortunately; the Wall Street Journal reported this morning that “as antiwar activists demonstrated…the president spoke at the Pentagon to mark the anniversary of a war that has cost nearly 4,000 U.S. lives and roughly $500 billion.”

On the topic of the difference in the quality of care between acute trauma care and veteran’s hospitals, the citizen journalism site Instablogs also reported that “about 120,000 veterans who have left the military have been given a preliminary diagnosis of a mental health problem.”  I was uncomfortable reading the stats, but found it sadly ironic that the piece ended with an ad for McCain’s presidential campaign, which promises more of the same when it comes to Iraq.


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