My last night in Austin at Club DeVille, one of my favorites. The images on the man’s back are from a computer dock that’s projecting photos. Dorky fun.

Feeling invigorated and want to lock myself to my monitor to look at the work from this week. While that’s antisocial and I’m more likely to make my way over to 500 Club, these are a few of the ones I couldn’t help but share:

  •  Social graph paper I’m excited about digging into from MetaNotes
  • A well-written reflection on the comparing yourself to the braniacs and young adult millionaires at the interactive festival from LifeStudent John Halycon Styn
  • Brooklyn writer Kerry Miller, who had the joy of starting a site that chronicles “painfully polite and hilariously hostile from shared spaces the world over,” and with whom I compared apartments’ chore wheels 
  • Revision3, an online TV network who I was drawn to for its easy access to some of my favorite video blogs (esp. Diggnation and XLR8R TV)
  • And a few blogs I found afterward that provided good roundups on social networking (Mashable) and design (upon seeing “Bad Ass Ideas,” you know you have to judge for yourself)

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