picture-2.png picture-6.pngA fun break from the business (or, more recently, card exchange and running around that is SXSW was the chance to see the Stowe Provisions studio in East Austin. Designer Mark Stowe showed off the leather company’s sewing machines, letters for pressing, and space for a shop in progress. The company currently sells directly to Free People, Fred Segal, and a few other places you may have heard of. 

As for the ethical hangups I have about leather, I’m sorry to say I’m weak when it comes to good-looking handmade work. I left with a little rocker wrist decoration–a small token for missing the music portion of this week–and a bird-themed belt. But that one was a gift. 


One response to “Artisan

  1. Thumbs up for Stowe’s handiwork!!! I just put on my new belt from Free People called “Here comes the Sun” with that lettering on it going around the belt with a sunrise and clouds on the center in back. Gorgeous work! I’m a sucker for great leather goods. Brings me back to my past in the 70s with a great leather shop in my town in north Alabama that made great belts and wrist wear. I had a great leather wrist band with my name on it for years starting when I was about 8 years old.

    Love Stowe Provisions! Keep up the great work!

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