Happily writing with El Chile-related headpain and have really enjoyed the SXSW weekend so far, especially for the dailogue about film production, entertainment and web convergence. And the margaritas.


My favorite panelist so far has been Lindsay Campbell of, a weekly video series that covers media and citizen opinions, who I found especially inspiring. She was an actress working as an assistant at a hedge fund who saved up enough money to quit her job and spend a month applying and auditioning for any job that seemed feasible. She used the time to apply for everything under the sun, including projects she never would have otherwise, and responded to a post for a paid job hosting a video series about finance. She wasn’t particularly interested but liked the people and created a short video of person-on-the-street interviews to get the position.

The show, Wallstrip (“where stock culture meets pop culture”) was eventually picked up by CBS Interactive and has generated quite a fan base. Campbell and the show’s producers have since launched MobLogic, their second show, and she said that interviewing strangers for their feedback on everything from primaries to the Academy Awards has been one of the most invigorating things she’s ever done. (Upon saying this, I had flashbacks of chasing down other students to get their thoughts on Evanston city council measures. Invigorating might not be my word choice.)

I really appreciated what she had to say about not viewing web work as if it’s a second class citizen. “The Internet is TV. Don’t be a snob about it,” Campell said. “You can make your films and projects with the help of the Internet. You should have woken up and put your work online a year ago, but you definitely have to do it now.”

Other video blogging related-advice that seemed like good general life wisdom included the importance of editing carefully, publishing often (my March resolution), accepting creative roadblock, and making friends with musicians.


One response to “SXSW Dos

  1. The internet is TV, it is the new world media. I have worked in TV since 1963 and I seen the changes and now anyone can have there own TV station.I started on you tube [oleagleeye] 1 year ago and this month I will have a half million views its amazing.Thank you Doug

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