Indie this and that

A great day for two reasons:
12 Galaxies hosted the bi-monthly Mission Indie Mart, a conglomeration of local jewelers’ and designers’ wares, which draws a colorful crowd and pretty decent prices. Bloody Marys and good early ’90s songs (yes, there were some) make for a most enjoyable shopping experience. My favorite vendors were IBI from Santa Clara, whose fun use of gold and soft sweaters I first found at Appel & Frank’s eco-design event last fall, Coma and Cotton’s colorful shirts, and Gold Dust’s imaginative stationary.

I also heard the new Missy Higgins’ album (a beautiful follow up to “The Sound of White,” the type of music you imagine you’d perform if you were better at piano and had a world tour). I’m a big fan of the Aussie songbird but won’t be among her sold out crowd in SF tomorrow; Independent employees take note if you’re looking to get your photo into cyberspace. I could even link to your own MySpace tracks in exchange for a ticket. Not that I’m begging. It’s just that she was really good in Chicago.


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