Je t’aime le Tour


President’s Day brought the chance to ride a portion of Stage One of the Tour de California, a multi-day ride that’s commonly considered the most important annual pro cycling event in the U.S. by the spandex set. We rode part of the course from Sausalito to Santa Rosa before having to jump off as the cyclists rode through–and with good reason, as they come through at an average of 28 MPH. In the towns we rode through, it was great to see so many people coming out to see a sport that seems to only be generating attention for doping of late. 


Thanks to a friend-of-a-friend I had the chance to ride a Cannondale SystemSix, whose carbon fiber frame (look here and here for reasons why they’re great) felt more smooth and responsive than anything I’ve tried. The $3,000 price tag puts it beyond my reach, but the Cannondale gents were gracious about telling me more about less pricey bikes. A great day all said, and one that may have turned me into a demo junky.


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