Au Revoir…

After listening to Brooklyn-based band Au Revoir Simone this winter I was excited to see them at The Independent this weekend, only to be pretty let down (not to mention apologetic to the three friends who came along before hearing them). The songs blended together into a mess of mediocre vocals and keyboards with childlike commentary in between. After singing a song about horses they giggled together about their show at the Treasure Island Music Festival last summer (the highlight of which seemed to be a ferris wheel ride). It felt as though they’re doing exactly what they’d anticipated at age six: “We’ll have long hair and wear short shirts and go around the world and rock!” It’s a shame too–their album “The Bird of Music” is really enjoyable and their website has a compelling collage theme. But their “Sad Song” video leaves me with the feeling that audio is about the only medium worth experiencing them in–God help me if entertaining with friends ever becomes this sleepy.


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