Wednesday’s Awesomeness Index

The Sound of Young America (self-described as “a public radio show of things that are awesome”) hosted a live show at the Eurerka Theater this week that I didn’t want to ever leave. Host Jesse Thorn, who at 26 is decades younger than other public broadcasting hosts, started the show in his Santa Cruz dorm room and now interviews artists, musicians, comedians, and other people of note.
He talked about 20-somethings’ level of comfort wearing tweed suits in the Mission as a segway into a conversation with playwright Donny Hoch about gentricication in Williamsburg (his play “Taking Over” is now on at the Berkeley Rep). KQED said yesterday that they’ve received a few requests to run the show–for now the podcast is your only option in the Bay Area–and I’m all for more talk about art, music and burritos on the airways (more shamelessness).


One response to “Wednesday’s Awesomeness Index

  1. Thanks for the kinds words, Emily. I’m so glad you enjoyed the show.

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