Women’s film fest to raise awareness about local sex trafficking

The San Francisco Women’s Film Festival is co-hosting a candlelight vigil this Friday in front of City Hall to encourage local awareness about sex trafficking in one of the largest commercial centers for the $8 billion international industry. Important given frightening data about the more than 15,000 women who are trafficked into the U.S. annually to work in the sex industry, including prostitution, stripping, peep and touch shows, and massage parlors, according to the Initiative Against Sexual Trafficking.
sfsff_logo_white2.gif sfsff_logo_white2.gif sfsff_logo_white2.gif
Along with international professional organization Soroptimist, SFWFF will be providing information as part of the first National Sexual Trafficking Awareness Day at the nighttime vigil at 1 Polk St. between McAllister and Grove St. at 7 PM. I’m a big fan of the festival’s April film screenings as well as their partnerships with other community-based organizations to encourage local activism on health and global women’s issues.


One response to “Women’s film fest to raise awareness about local sex trafficking

  1. This is a fabulous blog. You are a beacon of knowledge of the unknown wonders of SF. Me likey.

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