Better than Sugarplums

If you’re in the mood for a fun winter meal that’s off the beaten path, I couldn’t recommend Radio Africa and Kitchen more. The traveling cafe includes a fixed menu of seasonal greens, fish, nuts, and other ingredients inspired by North African recipes. Chef Eskender Aseged grows many of the vegetables at his home in the Mission and said his ideal meal would include edamame hummous, carrot and ginger soup, an arugula salad, and several types of shellfish (making me feel silly for having a knee-jerk reaction of “pasta” to the same question). I’d bring someone you can talk to for a while–the meal is fantastic but slow. The cafe can sometimes be found at Velo Rouge Cafe, the cozy bicycle-themed coffee shop and seller of Blue Bottle coffee (my second favorite only to Ritual Roasters–read about the two here).


Beyond the economic value for local farmers, I’m glad to see organic food becoming a bigger focus in neighborhoods and schools especially. The Edible Schoolyard project out of Berkeley is a great model for teaching kids about growing and cooking their own healthy food. A New Orleans school district is getting on board, and it’s something the Cheetos-filled Midwest could certainly benefit from.


One response to “Better than Sugarplums

  1. You say traveling cafe, I say how far. I bet he doesn’t make it to Alamo Plaza over here in South Texas. Urg.

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