These Shoes Rock.

At a well-produced event for GOOD Magazine last fall I came across a booth for TOMS shoes, a Santa Monica-based company that makes Argentian-style shoes in several fabrics and gives a pair to a child in need for each one it sells (for $40 on average). Lessons to take away? Putting your name in all caps helps (well, it seems to increase your credibility as a company that gives back at least).

The shoes are surprisingly comfortable and I like the idea of giving them away as a holiday gift to employees. Not to worry, this isn’t becoming a gift guide or wishlist to those who sign my payckeck–it’s just hard to keep quiet about given their goal to give away 50,000 pairs in South Africa this year (new soles aren’t the answer to all the world’s problems, but they can’t hurt).
Crazy ColorsCrazy Colors–Hipsters Rejoice!
Crazy colors. Hipsters rejoice!


One response to “These Shoes Rock.

  1. hey em!

    look at you getting all blogged out. i’ve started one or two of these in my day, but i have yet to keep one going for more than a few weeks. awesome job so far, best of luck, keep it up. ( i guess it’s kinda creepy that i’m the only person to ever comment, and i found this site on my own, but, you know, that’s how i roll.) love the new title at VB&P by the way.

    i miss you and SF, hope to return someday soon, look for a real email in the future,


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