Hello Moto.


“We really expected that you wouldn’t pass your test under any circumstances,” my mom told me the day after emerging (suprisingly) victorious from Bay Area Motorcycle Training. Not that I can really blame her for the lack of confidence in her eldest’s driving abillities–she was the one who drove my 16-year-old self to (and from) both failed driving and mulitple choice tests.

Controlling what felt like a massive Kawaski made for a challenging and somewhat ego-bruising weekend. And a cold one: the photo shows a bright afternoon but the Outer Sunset actually got so foggy I didn’t know there was a building beyond the lot. The other students were friendly (one offered me a ride home, then regaled me with the story of trying to get his DUI removed from his record), the instructors multi-talented (in addition to teaching motorcycle riding, one man also teaches martial arts and rifle and semi-automatic shooting), and my skills sufficient (read: passing with two points to spare, or “by the skin of my teeth” according to the evaluator). The course was fun though, even if it’s only taken for scootering around the city.


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