archiCULTURE launches


After some jostling with the title “Architorture” (a reference to the long hours and sacrifices that architecture students make for their craft), the new site for the documentary film project archiCULTURE is up for y’all. In January we’ll start shooting a group of architecture students in their final semester and thesis studio at Pratt Institute in New York. The project is still in pre-production but has garnered some positive attention from students and architecture press.

I wanted to learn more about video production and became interested in the topic when a friend recounted the friends she made during late nights and weekends spent in her undergrad architecture studio. It seems that most people have a good sense of what doctors and lawyers go through for their careers but little sense of architects’ early work. Along with the two architects-turned-filmmakers who came up with the idea of highlighting the intense work that goes into the senior studio, a group of us are looking to create a film that’s as sustainable as possible in an industry that’s notoriously bad for the environment. Carsharing and solar plug-ins for equipment are among the ideas–I’d love to hear yours.


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