Ms. M.I.A.


Last night I had the pleasure of seeing British singer M.I.A. perform a colorful set at Mezzanine, a great place for dancing and music in downtown SF. She was incredibly energetic and brought two great backup rappers on stage.

Her stories about growing up in exile in Sri Lanka to militant activist parents, in addition to her unconventional approach to hip hop and dance, seem to have made her a favorite of women’s music magazines lately. I appreciated the Huffington Post’s observation: “We’ve truly arrived in modern times when 5,000 middle-class, mostly white American youth will gladly pay $25.00 to see a South Asian girl from London sing about anti-globalization and Tamil autonomy.”

Those youth certainly made the most of their gem-colored lycra and mimicked M.I.A.’s sunglasses-at-night and bold leotard combinations. The audience was almost as eclectic as her website (may induce seizures).


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