They Don’t Call Me Crafty.

Having just recently gotten over the craft-related disasters of my adolescence (a few awful boondagels and an unfortunate clay volcano that my mom tried to pawn off on a boyfriend), I have been pretty hesitant to try the wide array of arts n’ crafts in the Bay Area. I know that knitting never hurt anyone (except the poor souls who have gotten scarfs from me as Christmas gifts) and I could learn a thing or two on a sewing machine. So I decided to give the DIY scene a try last weekend at the SF Craft Mafia’s set of embellishing and jewelry-making tables. It didn’t exactly make me want to try classes at the Craft Gym, but at least my sister is getting a pair of hoop earrings that one of the Mafiosas and I tried to make. She wouldn’t talk to me by the end of the session–something about never being able to learn the difference between a set of needle-nosed and round-nosed pliers–but at least I discovered an art I’m more than sufficient at: cupcake decoration. Tutorials to start soon. BYO gummy worms, and no need to fear judgment.


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